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Phone #: (253) 475-6335

Sunday, August 19th 2018

Dear Parishioners,

We welcome you to join St. John of the Woods Church for their annual parish picnic and we welcome Father James to our regional parishes. We are very happy to continue to have this special parish event and to welcome a new member to our parish, especially for this summer. We thank the core team who organized this parish event. We thank you for being involved with this celebration and we hope that you can feel at home with us.

We thank you for responding to the invitation to complete a commitment card for the Called to Serve as Christ Campaign and the Annual Catholic Appeal, when we cordially invited each parishioner to participate in these campaigns. We are looking for 100% participation, so please mark/write what you can do (i.e. to pray or to make any contribution) to support these campaigns. May the Lord continue to bless upon your generosity and kindness for sharing the blessings that you had received from Him!

Many of you are returning from summer vacation and you are taking time to prepare your family for the coming school year (i.e. looking at programs and ministries that you may want to join in for the new school year). The Registration Form for different programs in the Faith Formation and parish ministries are available and you are encouraged to register. The Form is available on our parishes website or you can pick up one from the back of the Church.

We thank parents and the leadership team who organized different camps throughout the summer for children of different age groups (teenagers, youth group), different parish ministries, and family camp for our parishioners at each parish. I had the opportunity to join them a few times and it was a motivating and inspirational experience for those that attended, as they learned about how to build up their relationship with their ministry, with the parish and with their family. We are blessed to have beautiful weather for our outdoor event and gathering during this summer for our parish annual picnic and fellowship.

It is a joy for this summer to have many children participate in the parish life as part of the summer school program with us (i.e. music class and various classes). We also spent time celebrating many different events such as Baptism, Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries, Ordination, and making of the Final Vow with those in the religious community. We have many volunteers who filled in to assist us to clean up the facility, because one of our parish staff is on sick leave, so many of you are assisting us with what you can do to keep our facility clean. We had many different projects, which we did not plan to do for this summer. However, they needed to be done and we thank you to all of our volunteers for assisting us with them. We deeply appreciate your time and talent in helping our parish for this summer!

We thank you for your warm welcome to many different guests who came to visit our parishes, especially to many guest priests who came to fill in while Father Patrick was away for his vacation, Father James away for his retreat, and Father Dwight away for his vacation. The Missionary of the Words workers were also away for their summer retreat; and we are very happy to welcome them back from their little summer time away. We thank you for keeping our parish alive with many different ministries that reach out to our community and neighborhood.

We thank Brother Israel, who is with us for the summer school and he will return to Mt. Angel Abbey and Seminary to commence the new school year once he has completed summer school. May the Lord continue to bless upon his ministry! He was always praying for our parish and he attended Mass when he was able to have a little time to join us. His Superior thanks you for your prayers and for supporting him.

We have installed the wooden floor in the Sanctuary and the new carpet in the body of the Church at St. Ann. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by having Daily Mass in the parish hall during the time we were working on these projects. We will have to complete other related projects which needs to be done, such as the front door entrance, the vestment room; refurnishing the pews (polish, repair); installing the new rugs under the Altar and chairs; repaint the restroom in the vestment room, repairing the Churchs roof and many other things. We thank you for your time, talent, and treasure in supporting the parish with many different projects. We thank many volunteers who have and are assisting us with many projects to make our Church a beautiful and a welcoming place where everyone can gather to pray and worship the Lord. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to complete many projects, as we do not have the financial funds to do them. Being involved with building up the Church will give you a feeling of joy, as when you come to join with others to pray, you can truly feel at home as you were able to assist in creating this beautiful house of prayers for everyone to gather. Please continue to pray for the work that needs to be done and May the Holy Spirit guide and support us with projects that we need to have done!

May the Lord continue to bless upon you and family!

Sincerely, Yours in Christ,

Fr. Tuan Nguyen, D. Min

Regional Pastor