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Sunday January 21, 2018

Dear Parishioners,

We had a prayerful week to pray for Christian Unity among our brothers and sisters who have the same belief in Christ. We thank you for participating in the Unity Prayers that we had with different Christian denominations. We thank you for participating in the funeral services with those families who are mourning for their love one. We had three funeral Masses within a week. May the Lord continue to comfort and bless upon those families!

It was a wonderful celebration with the Catechumens and Candidates for the Rite of Acceptance into the RCIA program. We thank the core team who assists us with different groups for their preparation within our parishes. We also thank the Catechists and volunteers who assist us for the Confirmation program within our regional parishes. We are very blessed to have three different core teams (Spanish Speaking, Vietnamese Speaking and English Speaking) within our parishes. We have dedicated volunteers who are good stewards of their time and talent in serving our parishes. We are very blessed to have this ministry within our parishes, so we can prepare candidates to receive these sacraments (Initiation, Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation) annually. We also have Scripture Classes weekly and a strong support of facilitators for these classes in all three languages at each parish and for the homebound.

We thank you for supporting the St. Vincent De Pauls Ministry by bringing food each week to place in the food box. We collect the food placed in the boxes at each parish and the St. Vincent De Paul members box them to give to those in need each week. We also assist with many families who are in need of some financial assistance to pay their utilities bills during the winter months. We thank you for being so charitable to assist the poor among us.

There is a very sensitive issue within our parishes about the usages of our parishes facilities. I have mentioned to you about our aging facility that we have and we are very proud of what we have with the parishs hall, classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and Church building. We have many different ministries within our parishes and these groups use the classrooms for their meetings each week. However, once meetings have finished, we have found doors left unlocked, the heat and lights still on, and the furniture (chairs, tables) in the room not been put back in their original location, along with dirt on the floor and many other concerns. So, I would like to remind you to help the parish to keep our facilities clean, lock all doors, place furniture back to their original location, turn off the lights and the heat, so we can keep the utilities and other expenses down during this winter. I thank you for locking up your cars and not leaving valuable items in your car, to prevent damage to your car and theft!

We are very happy to have the Missionaries Servants of the Word workers among us. Their representatives are brothers Ignacio Flores and Hugo Landaverde, who serve the Latino Community. The Missionaries Servants of the Word workers offer Scripture classes for the Homebound Ministry and create a friendly place for the neighborhood to come together for prayers and Bible classes. We thank the core team within our parishes for supporting them by trying to find different ways to assist this ministry within our regional parishes. Father Patrick and I welcome this group of two young men and they will be with us for four months before they return to their Mothers house for retreat and receive other training (after which, they will be send to another location to receive different missionary experience). We are very happy with the group that we have within our parishes.

The New Year brings resolutions and to assist us to accomplish them throughout 2018, I have some suggestions for us to focus on. There are some key questions such as: Did I accomplish everything I was called to do last year? If not, what am I going to do differently this year? How can I bring the Spirit of Jesus to more people in my community? How can I better serve the people of my parish? Am I prepared to do it all over again? As we start this New Year, may God continue to guide and bless us in all our efforts.

We thank the parish leadership team on the Financial and Pastoral Councils together with different commissions, committees and groups as well as organizations within our parishes for their ministry and missionary work to serve our Lord Jesus Christ within the Catholic Church. We have meetings regularly each month and we learn from each other on how to serve the need of our parishes. I thank the members for giving their time and talent to serve our Church in the way that they are able to. There are many different projects that we will be promoting and asking you for your support, before we do so, we are spending a lot of time praying and planning on how to complete them (what the processes and steps are). We thank the parish staff for their time in learning how to use different software and attend different workshop to assist them in their work. We thank you for supporting them.

You are cordially invited to visit our parishes website and check on pictures that we took at Christmas and the New Years Season. We spent a lot of time focusing on different events towards the end of 2017.

There are many parishioners who are sick during this winter season, so please keep warm and drink a lot of water. May the Lord continue to bless upon you!

Sincerely, Yours in Christ,

Fr. Tuan Nguyen, D. Min.,

Regional Pastor