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OCTOBER 1, 2018


Dear Parents,

September flew by and it is hard to believe that October is already here!

Your children have adjusted well to their new friends and routine during September. They appear to feel secure and free to explore their new classroom, make new friends and develop new skills.


Thank you so much for all of your help and support. You are the best!  We are looking forward to a blessed and wonderful school year with your children.


Thank you for allowing us be a small part of your child’s life.

Love and prayers,

 Sr. Trinh Nguyen (LHC)

 Sr. Huong Vu (LHC)





RYAN CHU                  10/25




Highlights this month: Theme: My Community and My Community Helpers.


OctoberThe Month of the Holy Rosary&Fire Prevention Month


Lesson Plan (Pre-K/4 years old):


*Writing: Identifying and tracing Alphabets D-G. Associated Words and sentences


* Math: Revision of Number Concepts 1-5. Introduction to shapes

*Science: Fall. Signs of Fall. Why do leaves change color, How Animals prepare for Fall- Hoarding, Hibernating, Migrating. How families work together. Colors- Exploring the world of colors…Pumpkin, seeds- basic concepts.

*Religion: The concept that God made my helpers. People help us in many ways. Significance of Guardian angels day.

Lesson Plan: (Preschool / 3 years old):



· Identify specific tasks performed by different community helpers

· Identify and name parts of a fire truck

· Re-tell stories or events

     -Demonstrate good hygiene techniques

     - Identify healthy and unhealthy foods


Community, community helper, safety, dentist, toothbrush, police officer, veterinarian, fire fighter, doctor, 911, water hose, siren, tooth paste, medicine, fire



  •  Oct 31/ Halloween Day! We will begin with the Costume Parade around the school at 10:30 am, followed by a fun day of events with crafts, games and treats! Children may come to school in their costumes; however, no weapons or masks will be allowed.


  •  “My Big World with Clifford” a magazine for your child. It features engaging nonfiction articles that help build knowledge and vocabulary. It also has many early-learning activities on its website.

You can visit the My Big World website at home. You and your child will be able to:

    • Listen to articles being read aloud
    • Watch short videos that build knowledge
    • Play simple education games
    • Print activity pages


Computer Instructions:

          Go to www.scholastic.com/mybigworld

Click on the "I am a Student" and enter the classroom password: HAPPYDAY18



Kính thưa quý ph huynh,

Tháng Chín đã trôi qua thật nhanh và chúng ta đã bắt đầu bước vào Tháng Mười!

Các bé Mẫu Giáo đã làm quen với bạn bè trong lớp và quen dần với các thói quen mới của trường học. Các bé dường như cảm thấy an toàn và tự do khám phá lớp học, kết bạn mới và phát triển các kỹ năng mới.


Cảm ơn quý phụ huynh rất nhiều vì tất cả sự giúp đỡ và hỗ trợ của quý phụ huynh. Quý phụ huynh là nhất!


Giáo Xứ rất mong ước có được một năm học tràn đầy hồng ân và tuyệt vời với các con em của quý phụ huynh.

Cm ơn quý ph huynh đã cho phép Giáo X là mt phn nh trong cuc sng ca con quý v.

Yêu Thương và Cu Nguyn,

Sr. Trinh Nguyn & Sr. Hương Vũ (LHC)