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Archbishop Brunett Update News from Archbishop Office


Dear Brother Priests and Deacons, and Pastoral Coordinators,


As I mentioned last week, Archbishop Brunett took a fall at his residence about 10 days ago and was admitted to the hospital.  Subsequent CT scans indicated that his fall resulted in a brain bleed, but thankfully, soon afterward there were clear indications that the bleeding had stopped.  His recovery is slow, not surprisingly, due to his already compromised condition from the 2013 stroke.  Late last week, he was transferred to Keiro Rehabilitation and Care Center.


Although he is showing small signs of recovery, his doctors have indicated that recovery will continue to be slow, and I’m writing today to ask that you continue to keep him in your prayers and that you remember him in the Intercessions at Mass.  I know he will be deeply grateful, as he has acknowledged in recent days that all the prayers being offered on his behalf are paying off.  His caregivers are discouraging visitors because he is asleep much of the time.  But your prayers are encouraged and appreciated!


You might consider an intercession something like this:


For Archbishop Alex Brunett, as he recovers from a recent fall, that God will give him healing and strength, and that during his recuperation he will experience God’s consoling grace as well as the support of our fervent prayers, we pray to the Lord…


Many blessings to you, and my thanks.


Sincerely in Christ,


Archbishop Sartain